March 19th 2008: Free the UC Day


Wed. March 19

7:30am - 1pm

on the 5th anniversary of the Iraq war

UCSF Mission Bay

at the UC Regents Meeting

in front of the Community Building

Create an Alternative Regents Meeting!

Free Food! Art! Music! Dance! Party!

Five years ago, George W. Bush started a war against the Iraqi people. His justification? “Weapons of mass destruction.” A lie. But we know where the WMDs are. Every single nuclear weapon in the U.S. arsenal was designed by the University of California. Tell the UC Regents:

No more nuclear weapons! Money for education not war!

The UC Regents plan to vote to raise student tuition 10%. Join students from across California in demanding that UC fulfill its public mission of serving all of California, including low-income students and underrepresented minorities. We demand:

No fee increases and eliminate the discriminatory SAT!

Plus: we demand fair wages for UC workers, free speech for student activists, stop police brutality, release the 13,000 Native Remains, cancel UCSC LRDP,  permanent Multicultural Center at Cal, save the oaks, democratize the Regents, and more....

Stand up for a just, diverse, peaceful University - one that is

democratically governed and promotes the common welfare, free from the corrupting influences of militarism and corporate interests.

See you there!

The Coalition to Free the UC, Students Against War, & Direct Action to Stop the War present:

Some Issues we care about:

stop war • no nuclear weapons • no fee hikes • democratize the regents • eliminate the SAT • affirmative action • fair wages • stop bp • third world college • free education • justice for bhopal • justice in palestine  • cancel ucsc lrdp • indigenous rights • release the 13,000 native remains • save the oaks • fair trade • immigrant rights • peace studies • ethnic studies • multicultural center • women’s rights •

free speech for activists • stop police brutality • and more....